REMONT - Independent Artistic Association was founded in October 1999.

Remont gallery was opened in February 2000.

Remont – Independent Artistic Association was founded  October 1st 1999.  Over the past 18 years, Remont became a live artery in the Serbian and regional art scene. We gained trust of our artistic and cultural community and improved our own capacities but also those of our collaborators, establishing numerous connections internationally. Although mostly recognized as a gallery, Remont is much more than that: it is a meeting point, platform for dynamic exchange of information, space for informal discussions - on side gathering. Through exhibitions, publishing activity, curatorial projects, education, counselling, information and advocacy activities Remont generates, documents and promotes the development of innovative artistic practice and also proposes solutions to cultural and other public policies that are related to this matter.

Since the beginning Remont launched a number of new professional models that quickly became recognized standards of gallery practice. A dozen of professionals, who are present and active on the Belgrade and Serbian contemporary art scene today, began their careers working with Remont. Over 400 programs was realized in Remont gallery space but also in collaboration with gallery and non-gallery spaces in Belgrade, throughout Serbia, within the region and internationally.  Remont established collaborations with some of the most important domestic authors of all generations, as well as with foreign and visiting curators and artists, institutions and organizations. As one of the initiators and founding members of Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia Remont is also very active in the field of cultural policy issues. From the initial desire to revitalize contemporary art scene in Serbia, Remont have become the recognizable physical and mental locus of contemporary cultural practice in the region. Remonts’ activities are followed by the local and foreign media, their publications are in many libraries in the world, and for many years their gallery space and program recommends Remont as one of the top 5 galleries in Belgrade.

Remont team:
The core team of Remont consists of four art historians (Darka Radosavljević Vasiljević, Saša Janjić, Marija Radoš, Miroslav Karić and Boris Burić as a photographer) with great professional experience and engagements on local, as well on regional and international projects. 

Uroš Đurić, Aleksandar Zograf, Tanja Ostojić, Milica Tomić, Branko Pavić, Jovan Čekić, Saša Marković - Mikrob, Mirjana Đordjević, Žana Poliakov, Saša Gajin, group ŠKART, Boris Mladenović and Darka Radosavljević Vasiljev

Setting new professional standards and popularization of contemporary art in Serbia

-    supporting art production
-    improving communication with foreign countries through networking with similar organizations and partnership projects
-    transfer of know how among other organizations and individuals in region
-    education and animation of young artists, art historians and art managers
-    improvement of organization and realization of quality programs

artists, art critics, writers, film and video authors...

Main activities:
-   Remont Gallery
-   Projects
-   Publishing

Boris Burić (1981) lives and works in Belgrade. He has finished his studies at the College of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2005. He has been engaged in photography since 2007. In addition to his personal projects, he has cooperated with various artists (Focus Group, Ivana Ivkovic, Nenad Rackovic, Mia Cuk, Ana Margarida Menazes, Jota Mombaca...) and galleries (Remont, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, U10, Belgrade Cultural Center...). He is a longtime collaborator of Remont gallery.
Saša Janjić was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1972. He graduated from the Department of Art History, the Philosophical Faculty in Belgrade, in 2001. During the final years of studies, he attended the School of History and Theory of Art at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Belgrade. He received the award of the National Museum in Belgrade for the best thesis in the field of Art History. Since 2003 he has been the editor of the Remont Art Magazine, and in 2004 he was employed as one of the curator of the Remont Art Gallery in Belgrade. As the editor of the magazine, he participated in the project documenta 12 magazine at the Documenta in Kassel in 2007.
Saša Janjić co-curated the 47th October Salon in Belgrade in 2007 (together with the chief selector Lorand Hegyi). He was the author of numerous exhibitions in Serbia and abroad: Transformations, Remont Gallery, Belgrade (2004), Private Space – Public Space, Magacin Gallery, Belgrade (2007), Sistema Binario, BELEF 08, Belgrade (2008), Telenor Collection, Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić (2008), Behind Mirrors, the Italian Cultural Centre, Belgrade (2009), Aftermath – Tendencies of the Engaged Post-Yugoslav Contemporary Photography, the National Museum of Slovenia (2012) as well as the series of 10 exhibitions entitled Remont.Review II, as part of the program Revision (2012).
Since 2007, Saša Janjić has been actively engaged as a selector of the Telenor Collection of Serbian Contemporary Art. He has published many reviews and articles in numerous journals and magazines at home and abroad. He is a member of ULUPUDS (Association of Artists of Applied Arts and Design of Serbia) and of a number of art juries. He was the president of the Serbian branch of the International Association of Art Critics – AICA.

Miroslav Karić, holds a BA in Art History from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (2000). Since 2001 Miroslav was engaged as an associate, coordinator and curator on over twenty projects realized in Serbia and abroad. Selected curatorial projects and collaborations: Mobile Studios, Beograd, 2006.; Bilbord projekat na Beogradskom letnjem festivalu 2007.; Nova slika, Galerija Dr Vinko Perčić, Subotica, 2008.; Fascinirajuća geometrija, Magacin,  Beograd, 2009.; Ja sam to što jesam, 25. Memorijal „Nadežda Petrović“, 2010.Čačak, Srbija; Kroz crtež, Magacin, Beograd, 2010.; Vizije: Pogledi – skice srspske savremene umetnosti nakon 2000, Donumenta, Regensburg, 2011.; Fotodokumenti 02, Salon MSUB, 2012; Wild at the Street – Nenad Racković, Galerija 12 HUB, 2014; Sensing Realities, Galerie B-312, Montreal, 2015; From Diaspora to Diversities, 2016; artistic director for Artget gallery in 2017 (together with Slađana Petrović Varagić). In period 2003-2010 Miroslav was an associate and later an editor of Remont art magazine, and at the same time editor of the section "Exhibitions" in the Belgrade cultural monthly guide Yellow Cab. Since 2010 he is a member of the organizational and curatorial team of the project initiative Fotodokumenti. He is a member of the ULUPDS and the International Association of Art Critics- AICA.